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Slowathon is your corporate training partner that believes in imparting “industry ready” software development training. Your people are going to love it.
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Why us ?

We at Slowathon have been into software development training for more than 15 years. Happy customers & happy learners is what we have seen in all those years of training 🙂

Practical approach to everything

A complete code alonggg… We hate theoretical learning

Real world use cases

Authentication, list-detail views, own annotation processors, … We learn by building the real things

Industry standards

Tests, design patterns, modules, clean code, … We cover all of it in the training

Fun filled & friendly environment

Ask anything, take your time, sip a coffee, … We do not expect software to be built in a 24hr marathon

Our featured courses

The popular ones from our wide listing of courses.

Web Development

Learn to build Single Page Applications (SPA) using the Reactjs library


32 hours

Web Development

Learn to build Enterprise java applications using Spring and Hibernate


56 hours

Programming & Dev ops

Program for the desktop using the groovy programming language


32 hours

Want to discuss more about any specific course(s) ? Have a different, custom need in mind ?

Our offerings

Corporate training

Online / In-house / On-site

8 hrs / day of learning & building

Daily on-training live assessments & feedback

Capstone projects

Small batches

Minimum 5 learners

Online / In-house

2 hrs / day of learning & building

Capstone projects

contact us

Write to us : Happy to engage!